Scratch Programming

About scratch programming course

 In a world which is soon to be dominated by AI and technology, the importance of coding becomes of looming importance. Particularly, coding like any other language, is best learnt at a young age. The only obstacle that might get in the way is how to explain the abstract mathematical concepts of the language of code to young children. Importantly Scratch – a block-based programming language developed at MIT provides the answer. 

Scratch programming for kids uses the trick of colorful animation to create an environment of fun learning for kids of varying ages. Especially, the course does not require prior experience. We invite children  to create games and videos. Alongside they learn the basics of code, in the introductory course itself.  Friendly animated characters and innovative graphic design tools help engage the attention span of children. In addition, We teach structure of programming  by using the  drag-and-drop method.


  • Coding leads to innovation. In today’s technological dominated world, coding is everywhere. No doubt, It has completely revolutionized the way we consume knowledge, work and connect with people. Importantly, by getting a head start in coding from a young age, children develop essential tools needed for innovative ideas.
  • Coding develops thinking skills. This requires a lot of thought involving exploring active areas of the brain. It also involves  process-oriented thinking. Especially, coding in scratch helps your child develop their thinking skills.
  • Coding is best learned at a young age.  Like any other language coding  is   the best learnt at a young age as kids learn faster and have the ability to absorb more.
  • Coding develops creativityThis requires innovation and creativity. In addition, It encourages children to think out of the box and explore their creativity in finding solutions.
  • Coding builds confidence. Children to experience the feeling of success by Designing and creating their own coding projects. Moreover It helps to build confidence.

Benefits of the programme

Inspiring teachers and supportive peers

Teachers hail from prestigious institutions teach the children in a fun-loving environment. The programme also provides the option of 1:1 and Group class option. This is highly beneficial for the child.

Experts in kid education

Our teachers have a lot of experience interacting with kids and caring for their personal development. Their innovative teaching techniques ensure quality learning. They implement the internal logic and structure of programming in children.

Quality Education

Scratch assures the implementation of quality education by highly qualified educators.

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